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The Vets - life for pets

We celebrate life through the human animal bond and our aim is to do everything within our ability to help strengthen this relationship.

Reception1The cornerstones of our practice are:

Respect - we have a deep respect for our patients, our clients and every member of staff in our practice.

Equality - we focus on all of our clients and their animals equally. Within our practice everyone has an equal worth.

Empathy - we strive to understand your needs as if they are our own. From this we try to provide a level of service that we ourselves would expect.

Transparency - we practice at a very high level and stemming from this we have nothing to hide. We have an open practice policy and we are proud to show you around. If your pet is in hospital we encourage you to visit.

Support - we aim to be accessible to you. All members of staff are focused on helping you in whichever way they can.

Education - we have a strong commitment to continuing to learn. We have a strong focus on passing this information on to you, the client, in a clear and concise manner.

Referral culture - we have a good knowledge and understanding of our abilities. We actively and openly discuss and advise referral where necessary.