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When I moved to Auckland with Barnaby and Toby 11 years ago, one of the first priorities was to find them a vet the three of us liked and trusted. How lucky we were to come across The Vets and Russell! He and his wonderful people have always given my Boys the best of care and have been patient and reassuring to their over-anxious Mum. The nurses in particular are very kind when dealing with panicking phone calls over minor and not-so-minor disasters. When first Barnaby, then Toby, crossed the Rainbow Bridge, it was only after Russell and Marieke had done all that was possible to help them and me. Everyone was so kind and supportive at the time, which helped enormously.

The present Boys, Zachary and Oliver Biscuit have been in The Vets' care since Day One. Zac was adopted from Animalia and Oliver from Angela's Mum. Everyone has watched both cats grow up, tending to kitten accidents and the usual routine health care and pedicures. The boarding facilities are great too, when I leave the Boys I know they will be well cared for and comfortable.

Thank you so much everyone at The Vets, we really love and appreciate you.

Elizabeth, Zachary and Oliver Biscuit Lumby

I have been taking our furry family to Animals the Vets for nearly 10 years. Why? Well, Russell is a great vet (as is Marieke!) He is surrounded by a team of wonderful people who genuinely care for the pets in their care.

I really like the way I can really get involved in my cats care - whether it is a simple visit or something more serious, I like the way Russell and his team are happy to share their knowledge which helps me provide better at home care.

Unlike our cats, we like going to the vet! There's always an opportunity to learn something new, have a really good laugh and leave feeling exceptionally confident about how I am looking after my cats.

Russell, thank you for your kindness and generosity too. Thank you for helping me with that abandoned magpie, those abandoned cats who need a loving new home as well as the colony of feral cats that are in our care.

Miaow Miaow!
Adrienne and Alex Taylor (Plus Tommy Ginger Wubee and Benny)

I have been a client at The Vets for many years.

During that time of many laughs and also tears Russell and the team have been awesome. At the moment I have four animal children who look forward to their visits to the vets.

Puss who has been a little sensitive now doesn't panic when attending. Captain White Sox whom Russell rescued, and is now about 7, still embarrasses himself on the ride in. He has had to have many baths before visits can commence.

Pepper, a Lab/Ridgeback cross 5yrs, gets really annoyed with me when we drive past and she doesn't get to visit Russell - too sad!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly Jaffa a wee rescue is now 5 kilos plus and I'm sure as he has just past his first warrant with Russell, will also grow to love his visits.

I have followed Russell as a vet from his days at other premises and now even though I live near West Harbour will continue my pilgrimage, even sometimes stinky to The Vets.

The Cave Clan.

For my husband and I, Russell, Marieke and the team at the Vets have become a crucial part in maintaining the health of our pets. This was particularly emphasized when our Irish setter Eddie was diagnosed with bone cancer at only 18mths old. The support and understanding that we obtained from them during that period made a very difficult time much more bearable. We are also grateful that when it came time for Eddie to go they came to our home and Eddie was able to pass in a loving environment.

Our visits to the vets have been numerous due to our rather accident prone pets. However Russell and Marieke have created an environment where the dogs feel welcome and secure reducing any apprehension they have.

What makes the team at the Vets special is that they achieve the right balance of providing proactive and highly skilled advice as well as really caring about both the pets and their owners.

Vanessa and David Drum

We have had West Highland White terriers for around 25 Years and for the past five years have been attending The Vets for our Westies healthcare.

They (and we) have had exemplary care. Thorough, kind, ready to listen to any concerns, embrace new ideas and happy to get specialist opinion if necessary.

Definitely a practice we would recommend.

Dr John and Mrs Shirley Blackburn