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Sterile Theatre = reduced antibiotic use

At The Vets we run a full sterile theatre. This is to a very similar standard as a human hospital would run.

This is a room specifically dedicated to sterile surgery. To enter this room you must change from your street clothes into surgical scrubs (clothes specifically for surgery). We also wear different shoes. All surgery is done using a sterile gown, a mask and gloves. We do not use this room for any other purposes.

  • Surgery at The VetsBecause we run our theatre to such a high level we do not routinely use antibiotics.
  • We use the best available suture material.
  • We follow sound surgical principles and are committed to continuing education.
  • The following photos are of a straight-forward cat spay.
  • All surgery from our cat spays upwards are done in this theatre.

Pain control

We run a pain free clinic, this means that we focus heavily on making sure your pet is not in pain after surgery. Even our routine surgeries such as cat spays and bitch spays have an extended course of pain control incorporated into their price. We do not offer a choice on this because when it comes to pain control we feel there is no choice.

Our nurses are well trained in checking your pet for signs of pain and if they are worried we will check them and make sure that pain control is given as needed.

After surgery

We will happily call you to let you know that all is well with your pet. At this time we may discuss whether or not you need an appointment for discharge with a vet or a routine discharge with a nurse.

We will give you a follow up call within 3 days of the surgery to ensure all is going well.

Generally sutures will be removed within 7 to 10 days after surgery. An appointment with a nurse or vet will be required for this.