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Laboratory Testing

We have our own in clinic laboratory, where we are able to run blood tests to measure parameters such as red and white blood cell counts, protein and enzyme levels, some hormone levels and even diagnose some specific infections.  We are also able to test urine samples and perform some microscopy here.  This means that we are able to very quickly check for things like inflammation, infection, anaemia, liver, kidney and thyroid function and many other problems.  The speed with which we get results (usually within less than an hour) makes our in house laboratory very useful in emergency situations, and also enables us to check for any problems before we give an animal an anaesthetic.

If we require any further information or tests we are not able to run here we send samples by courier to a diagnostic laboratory.  They have very sophisticated equipment and employ specialist animal pathologists to analyse and interpret the results.  The turn around time is still fast - depending on the test this usually takes 12-24 hours to get a result, but certain tests may take longer.

Please contact us if your require any further information about laboratory testing services we provide.