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microchipA microchip is a very small chip that is inserted under your pet's skin. It is placed between the shoulders up on your pet's neck. This chip effectively gives your pet a unique number. The chip can be read using a suitable scanner which will pull up the number your pet has been given. This number can be linked to a database that can hold your owner details and contact numbers.

This procedure is quick and involves a simple injection.

So if your pet is lost and taken in to a veterinary practice or to the SPCA or council it can be checked and if possible reunited with you. We have in the past used the Australasian data base but have currently started to use the New Zealand Companion Animal Register.

This register is a 24/7 service. It is set up as a trust by the New Zealand Veterinary Association, NZVA Companion Animal Society, New Zealand Kennel Club, New Zealand Cat Fancy Association and the SPCA.

Visit or phone 0800 LOSTPET (0800 567 873)

Any profits from this are to be allocated to provide ongoing animal welfare services. There is a one- off cost of $21.00 to register; this is incorporated into the cost of the procedure at the time of implantation.

Current New Zealand Law states that:

All dogs registered in New Zealand on or after the 1st of July 2006 must be registered. This means all new puppies must have a microchip.

Note that dogs used principally for herding or driving stock are exempt from this ruling.