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We have a strong referral culture. We are extremely lucky to be within easy reach of some very passionate and talented people.

We can access referrals for internal medicine, soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery, ophthalmology, dermatology and advanced imaging - specialist radiographic techniques, ultrasonography and even access to CAT scanning.

Most of these referrals can be set up within 24 to 48 hours and in the case of emergencies in an even shorter time frame.

We actively refer. It is high on our treatment plan because ultimately we want the best possible outcome for both you and your pet.

The Veterinary Specialist Group located at 97 Carrington Road (part of the Unitec campus) is the main centre we use and we would refer to them on a weekly basis. All of the veterinarians there have specialist qualifications. They are the best of the best in terms of both their ability and the facilities from which they work. Phone 09 845 5455.  View alocation map.

The internal medicine team is based around Mark Robson, Mike Coleman, Darren Fry and Danielle Bowles. They are there to help us with our tricky medicine cases - diagnostically and also with treatment plans for such things as chemotherapy.

The surgeons are Alex Walker and Richard Jerram providing both soft tissue and also orthopaedic help - all the way up to total hip replacements in dogs.

The imaging department is based around Chris Warman and his team - providing us with insight into our patients that just simply wouldn't be possible without them.

The Auckland Animal Eye Centre is located at 18 Barrack Road, Mt Wellington and is run by Peter Collinson. He provides us with both medical and surgical back up for what can be a very challenging area. Contact details are 09 527 7697.

The Skin Vet deals with dermatology. Dr Debbie Simpson offers second opinions on an area of veterinary medicine that can be very frustrating for both the owner, the vet and not to mention the pet that is often, literally, pulling its own hair out. You can contact them on 09 216 6222. The Skin Vet is run at Veterinary Specialists Auckland which is located at 1 Te Apunga Place, Mt Wellington.

The Exotic Veterinary Centre and Referral Clinic treats birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. There is a huge volume of knowledge with these species that can only be gained from experience. They have special pieces of equipment that help these specialists come to grips with these animals needs. The contact details are 09 626 4335 and they are run out of the Lynfield Veterinary Clinic, 122 White Swan Road, Mt Roskill.

Because it is referral and our clinical records are important the referral process normally involves us booking an appointment for you and following it up with a referral letter for the specialist that you are seeing. However, some referrals involve us simply writing a letter for you and then you phoning for the appointment yourself.