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Travel Overseas

New Zealand is an isolated location and partly because of this we are in the very enviable position, compared to lots of overseas countries, of being relatively disease free - Less than 10% of the world's pests and diseases occur here.  This is a position that we must closely protect. Due to this there are a large number of regulations that govern the movement of animals into and out of New Zealand.

These regulations are different for every country and they can change from time to time, because of this we cannot give you advice for all countries and will concentrate on our nearest neighbour Australia and the next most common country that people travel to, the UK.

View this link should you be travelling to any other country.


The check for travel to Australia is simple and involves treatment for internal and external parasites within 72 hours of travel. Dogs and cats must also be microchipped.

It is essential that it can be proven that your dog has been resident in New Zealand all of its life. This is easy if your vet clinic has provided vet care from the beginning of your pet's life, otherwise you need full records from previous vet clinics or council records that prove this. If it can't be proven there may be some blood tests that are required. This will obviously slow things down and like most travel events, smooth travel needs good forward planning, so if it is known early on that blood tests are required, the clinic performing the export check can get on to this sooner. Please note we do not do export checks for Australia at The Vets.

Cats must have lived in New Zealand for 60 days prior to departure.

  See the MAF Exporting Your Pets to Australia pages for more information

UK & Ireland

Travel to the UK and Ireland  requires cats and dogs to be microchipped followed by a rabies vacination at least 21 days before the flight - there is no need for a rabies test.

See the MAF Exporting Your Pets to the UKpages for more information.

Importing Pets into New Zealand

Bringing animals into New Zealand is also complicated and can involve quarantine periods.   MAF works hard to prevent spread of any pests or dieseases into New Zealand and this is why stringent protocols are in place for importing dogs and cats from overseas.  This Biosecurity link provides more information.

Please also contact our clinic should you have any questions, we are always happy to be of assistance.