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Covid-19 Level 3

Auckland is currently at Level 3. October 2021 This means that there is no public access to the clinic. We now able to offer drop off consultations, vaccinations and routine surgery. We are also operating reduced hours between 9am and 5 pm Monday to Friday and 9-12 pm on Saturday. We are available for collection […]

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Happy Easter!

Easter is a fun time of the year, but unfortunately, it can also be a time that our furry family members get themselves into trouble eating things they shouldn’t. Chocolate The increase of chocolate in and around the house increases the risks that your pet may ingest some. Make sure that you pack all chocolate […]

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When should you seek emergency care for your pet?

We often have clients calling us asking whether their pet should be seen by a vet. Unfortunately for pet owners animals cannot tell us when they are in pain or just not feeling right. This makes it difficult for owners to know when their animal should be seen immediately and when it may be okay […]

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