The New Zealand Companion Register
The New Zealand Companion Animal Register is a New Zealand Based database which registers and maintains you microchip on a 24 hour database. It has the support of the SPCA , the New Zealand Veterinary Association, The New Zealand Kennel Club and The New Zealand Cat Fancy. Has on line facility to register your pet and maintain contact details. An excellent service.


Veterinary Partner
This site is a comprehensive source of information on animal disease, husbandry, medicines and more. It is run by one of the most trusted veterinary information sites VIN. This is the client focused section and the detail provided here is fantastic and it is in an easy to search format.


Veterinary Council of New Zealand

"Protecting the public by regulating the veterinary industry" The Veterinary council of New Zealand is the body that covers our registration and monitors such things as continuing education. It is a regulatory body and it is the first port of call if you feel you have a complaint about how you or your pet has been treated by your veterinarian.


Pets at Rest

In the unfortunate situation that your pet has died Pets at Rest are the provider we use for cremation. They are a family owned and operated business and are truly compassionate, caring and professional. Their site provides an outline of the services that they provide.


Veterinary Specialist Group

VSG is a specialist referral service that is second to none. Their site is comprehensive with very good information on not only the services they provide but also different surgical conditions and treatment plans.


The Auckland SPCA is located at Mangere.  This site provides good information from all levels right through from adopting a pet to volunteering.


Dogs New Zealand
Thinking about getting a new puppy? Then this is a great place to start it has breed information, lists of breeders, dates for up and coming shows -it is great to go along and look at the breeds you are interested in and talk to the breeders themselves. This site has a wealth of information.

New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc
Fancy Thinking about getting a new kitten? Then this is a great place to start it is the cat version of the New Zealand Kennel Club and as such mirrors a lot of the same detail - breeders, shows, breed characteristics.


Raw Essentials
If you are interested in the alternative feeding method of raw food feeding then this site may be beneficial. It has in depth information for you to read and consider. Raw feeding needs to be done properly or can be detrimental so follow the rules and guidelines and definitely do your homework first!

K9 Natural
From the clean green pastures of New Zealand comes a 100% natural, species-appropriate raw dog food nutritionally based and produced here in NZ.  To see their full range and find out more about this range of raw food check out their site.

K9 Natural

Pet Insurance


NZ's largest, specialist 100% NZ owned and managed Pet Insurance provider.


PetPlan's only focus is on cats, dogs and horses. Without the other distractions they can spend more time settling your claims from an injury or illness, help you decide which cover suits your needs, and apply themselves to serving you in a friendly, helpful and understanding manner.

Southern Cross Pet Insurance

Southern Cross Pet Insurance are a trusted partner of the New Zealand Veterinary Association and proud supporter of the SPCA.