Dr. Russell Liddell BVSc

Dr. Russell Liddell BVSc

I graduated from Massey University in 1988 and have focused on small animal practice since then with extensive experience in normal day practice and also emergency medicine based both here in New Zealand and in the UK.

I have very high standards which are reflected throughout our practice.

I am passionate about what I do and also how I do it. So I am also lucky enough to be able to say that I have a “job” that I do actually enjoy more and more the longer I do it.

There is no other career, I can think of, that is more diverse and able to provide constant day to day challenge than veterinary medicine. I am constantly grateful to my wonderful clients and also that I ended up doing what I do.

Apart from work I enjoy immensely my family – Raewyn, my wife and our four children – Finn, Jack, Jorja and Lucy and of course our menagerie of family pets.