When should you seek emergency care for your pet?

We often have clients calling us asking whether their pet should be seen by a vet. Unfortunately for pet owners animals cannot tell us when they are in pain or just not feeling right. This makes it difficult for owners to know when their animal should be seen immediately and when it may be okay to observe and monitor them for a few hours.

Here is a list of signs that indicate the need for URGENT attention:

Some are obvious such as;

  • trauma e.g. road traffic accident
  • exposure to toxic substances/poisons such as rat bait, slug pellets, karaka berries, chocolate, medications, algae etc
  • seizures
  • haemorrhage

There may be more subtle symptoms which include;

  • difficulty breathing/changes in breathing e.g. faster or harder than normal, excessive panting
  • collapse or severe weakness or lethargy
  • straining to urinate (especially in male cats)
  • loss of the use of the back legs
  • severe pain or discomfort
  • pets that are completely off their food
  • continued vomiting or diarrhoea
  • panting, restlessness, abdominal distension, unsuccessful vomiting (bloat).

This list just covers just some of the more life-threatening symptoms and is certainly not complete. Some illnesses can quickly become serious. Generally, the sooner we see your pet the more we can do for them.

If you are at all concerned about your pet, at any time, please don’t hesitate to call us at the clinic on (09) 625 5556. Our experienced nurses are always happy to have a chat and can advise you as to whether your pet should be seen.

If you are concerned after-hours there are emergency services available near us at:

  • Animal Emergency Centre, 97 Carrington Road, Mt Albert 09 8492121
  • VSA A & E, 1 Te Apunga Place, Sylvia Park 09 3205645

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